"I believe food will define our future. Globally food production has a significant impact on our daily lives and in shaping tomorrow's society."

It's all about the right product

90% of all newly launched food products are dead within a year!

I handpicked an alliance of the best food industry professionals to help you grow your product idea in to a sustainable business.

Our tailormade workshops and services are all you need to effectively succeed.

Fie Hansen-Hoeck, founder
Food sector executive

"I believe food will define our future. Globally food production has a significant impact on our daily lives and in shaping tomorrow's society."

It's all about the right product

Up to 90% of all newly launched food products are dead within a year!

I handpick alliances of the best food industry professionals to help you grow your product idea in to a sustainable business.

Our tailormade workshops and services are all you need to effectively succeed.

Fie Hansen-Hoeck, founder
Food sector executive

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Eco-system & Workshops

I handpick alliances of the best food experts with complementary disciplines.
 Together we offer valuable workshops and services build to accommodate the food sector’s needs and in reaching The Sustainable Development Goals.

My method

Is to combine and merge these four disciplines

My method

to effectively create the right product.


To reach “the bliss point” is to achieve ultimate satisfaction. With food, it means to pinpoint the exact spot where it makes you feel satisfied. If a food product reaches the right balance between sweetness, saltiness and fat, it will satisfy customers in a way that keeps them coming back for more. And this gives the product the potential of becoming a bestseller. 

I have chosen to cooperate with cookbook writer and chef Trine Hahnemann. She is known in Denmark and internationally as an outstanding and non-compromising product-creator, who has developed her own brand. She has helped and inspired big and small companies in their work on the texture and flavour of food when creating new products. Together we have developed four valuable workshops, that will help you find and make “the right product”: 

Workshop 1: Developing ideas based on the latest food trends 
A diverse group of chefs and experts will co-create while working together. Added value for you: 10 fresh ideas on sustainable products, line extensions or concepts in your particular product category. 

Workshop 2: Getting to “the bliss point”
Taste is everything, but there is more to it. An advanced panel of experienced tasters will teach you about food appearance including taste, smell and texture – and give you hands-on feedback on your products. Join us in a state-of-the-art professional Electrolux kitchen. 

Workshop 3: Product check-up, sourcing & supply
Get recommendations on primary producers and how to create a product from farm to shop. We are highly experienced in working on the inside of small and big-scale supply chains and know how to create a unique product within.  

Workshop 4: Fast track innovation / Product development
Full scale proces from idea to ready-made product.

Location: Hahnemanns Køkken – read all about it here

We OPTIMIZE products and packaging

Fireball is a dynamic strategic agency with specific knowledge of what retailing is all about. Together we have customized useable and affordable workshops to optimize food products and businesses:

Workshop 1: Food and Consumer trends
Insights into the most defining and transforming trends, topics and phenomena that are shaping how we will prioritize and consume in the near future. Get a head start into innovation, relevance and product success. Interactive, fun and engaging. 

Workshop 2: Ideation & Concept Camp
Thinking out of the concept box. A fast paced and interactive workshop challenging your team to come up with new and disruptive products, concepts and ideas. With proven techniques, we push your creativity to the max. All with the aim of creating real and operational solutions.

Workshop 3: Packaging Portals
Identity, impact and sustainability are just some of the important considerations when developing packaging today. This in-dept workshop aim at defining strategic packaging intent and exploring different design routes. 

Workshop 4: From Identity to Activation 
A great product concept sells itself right there on the shelf – both the one at the physical store and the digital one. However, how does the product become bigger than its place on the shelf? How do we activate it and make it come alive – without traditional advertising and campaign thinking. A workshop focused on creating implementable ideas and solutions. 

Read more about Fireball here

We make your COMMUNICATION effectively

It’s not easy to communicate precisely – neither too little, too much nor wrong when you want to sell your products and get your important message across. Rie Helmer, communications consultant, media coach, journalist and former TV host knows everything there is to know about precise communication and how to excel on screen getting the right message across to the audience. We have developed four workshops that can help you to find, formulate and communicate YOUR product and story effectively in the virtual space. All leading to more sale.

Online workshop 1:  How to sell your products online 
How to sell your product online when you cannot meet with your customers face-to-face at meetings or trade shows. Learn how to succeed in selling online.

Online workshop 2: How to communicate yourself – and your products   Customers do not just buy your products. They also buy “you” and your story and the value your product creates for your customers. Therefore, you need to keep track of your storytelling when communicating with potential buyers. Learn how to tell the story of YOU and YOUR products so the customers can see it all for themselves.  

Workshop 3: The road to a buyer’s heart 
When selling your products it’s crucial that you know the different types of buyers’ requirements for you as a supplier. In this workshop you will learn what you need to keep track of to get your products listed on “the shelves”. 

Workshop 4: Excel on screen 
One-to-one screen training where you learn the technique of presenting convincingly in front of a camera. You learn how to become a professional to both watch and listen to, and how to turn up and down your personal qualities so that you create presence on the screen.

Please contact us if you want help with telling your core story, messages, communication strategy and channels or just want to hear more. We look foreward to communicating with you!

We make CAPITAL-RAISING simple

Growing your business often needs fresh capital. We provide capital raising services and facilitate investor presentations. You only need to focus on growing your business instead of using time on finding new capital. We advice, help you raising the necessary capital to succeed with your company. There are a variety of ways and sources to achieve this goal. We can assist you with your capital journey – from non-diluted funds and angel investors to institutional investors.  

Our approach is simple. We start with two workshops to go in-dept with your needs and build a strong case for you:

Workshop 1: Mapping your capital needs to build a solid business case

Workshop 2: Creating a capital and action plan in order to make a road ahead

Often there is also a need to create a strong investor communication kit, including business case presentation, financial analysis and cap table, or just to create a sharp application in case of seeking non-diluted funds. We would be happy to build these essential documents for you. Our team of experienced analysts will be ready to help and create the necessary material to assist you in your capital raising journey. 

When we have all the plan and material in place we go ahead and start contacting proper funding sources on your behalf and facilitate the necessary introductions. We have a broad network of potential investors and a comprehensive overview of prospective funds.

Please do contact us for further information. 


Book me or my ecosystem for a lecture. We all like to share knowledge, insights and opinions related to food with you. 



Solutions to create & capture value:

    • Go-to-market strategy
    • Product- and category strategy
    • Impact management & Sustainable Development Goals

Scale your sales

Structure and process optimization to address segments and sales channels – BtB and BtC:

    • Retail 
    • Wholesale
    • Foodservice
    • Agent / Distributor
    • E-commerce
    • Specialty stores

Research / Insights Analysis

Implement upon knowledge & good practices:

    • Insights
    • Surveys
    • Focus Groups
    • Analysis
    • Crunch and interpret data

Network Matchmaking

Connect to relevant food sector stakeholders through an active, wide an deep network:

    • Stakeholder mapping
    • Connecting one-to-one
    • Connecting to buyers
    • Connecting via Fooducer platform


Fie Hansen-Hoeck

I worked as CEO in some of Denmark’s largest retail chains (Netto/Salling Group and ISO/Dagrofa). I have sourced thousands of products from all over the world – and know how difficult it is to break through. My focus is always “The right product” and the customer experience.

Current positions:

    • Producters – food consulting,  CEO & founder
    • Fooducer – food tech,  co-founder and co-owner
    • Mentor (start-ups)
    • Investor

Executive prof.  boards & positions of trust:

    • Chairman of the board in Madkulturen – An institution working for better food for more people established by the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries
    • Board member in: Alm. Brand A/S, Danske Spil, Softline Furniture, Fair Trade Mærket
    • Vice chair man in Danish-African Business Association
    • DI – “Women on board” 
    • Member of the Nature & Agricultural Commission – 2013
    • Member of the Think Tank for Sustainable Consumption and Green Business Models – 2013

See full profile on LinkedIn:


My mission is to democratize food –  to bring better food for more people:

    • By helping proper, tasty and sustainable products to be accessible to more people.  
    • By accelerating a global and transparent food system corresponding to The Sustainable Development Goals.

My approach is to help professionalizing product development and transforming the process into successful sustainable products to the benefit of people and the planet.

Customers reviews

Fie is a not just knowledgable, a great connecter and sharp minded strategist, she is also - perhaps most importantly - a true pleasure to work with.
In Millennial I, alongside the rest of the team, have enjoyed collaborating with Fie on several projects. It hasn’t mattered much whether Fie was in the role of client, mentor for our young consultants or trusted advisor for the leadership team; in all those positions she brought great energy, all the right questions and a knack for pushing the projects just a step further.
Fie has invaluable experience from across the Danish food industry, and a deep and active network, that spans both private and public sectors. She is therefore an effective door opener and knows how to put her network into play to the benefit of all parties.
Michael Ingemann
Think Hospitality
- Partner
In Business Finland our member companies have great value in using Fie's in dept knowledge of the food industry - and her direct access to buyers across all sales channels. Via focused workshops the companies learn what is demanded of them in order to break through in the Danish market as well as the European.
Philip Bank
Business Finland
- Senior advisor
Fie is a visionary and has a consistent focus on mutual value creation and respect, which is a prerequisite for us to be able to create sustainable business together. The impact of the collaboration means that I have also chosen to work with Fie to conceptualize and develop the food dimension in The Global River Center - including increasing the focus on establishment of sustainable trade and partnerships on the African continent.
Elizabeth Boye
Sociability and Global River Center

Selection of clients

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